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This is the plane that the P-39 Aircobra should ha
1% KingCobra based on Tim “Piglet” Conrad’s P-63A10

The Bell P-63 Kingcobra was the follow up to their P-39 Airacobra series. Although similar looking, the P-63 was a totally new aircraft; with a laminer flow wing, supercharging, and increased cannon ammo. Despite it’s improvements, the P-63 never lived up to the level of the P-51, Corsair, or other late-war front line fighters. The P-63 never saw combat in USAAF squadrons. Most of the 3300-odd planes went to the Soviet Union, where their service record is largely unknown. Another 300-odd planes went to the Free French squadrons, seeing WW2 and Viet Nam action.