Devastator radios

1% Devastator radios back ‘scratch one flat-top’

“Scratch One Flat Top !” one of the most famous sayings to come out of the USN’s air war in the Pacific.

During the battle of the Coral Sea Devastators from the Lexington attacked SHOHO, gaining advantage from the smoke and confusion created by the dive bombers. Coming in low and slow the Devastators put six or seven torpedoes into the Shoho. Several more hits by the Dauntlesses sealed the fate of the Shoho which slipped under the waves while still making a headway of about 20 knots. Witnessing the Shoho’s final moments, Lt. Cdr. Bob Dixon reported by radio at 11:36 AM the following message, ” Scratch One Flat Top ! Dixon to carrier. Scratch One Flat Top !”